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You CAN'T have bad posture while jumping rope, you'll trip up the rope. Unlike runnig, rowing, cycling, etc. Also the caloric expenditure is significantly greater than almost every other form of cardio. My heart rate usually hangs out around 90% max during a session. You can also do it indoors, in as little as a 6'x6' space, and a really good jump rope thatll last your whole life might cost $20.

Difference between jump rope and just jumping ... - reddit

2 years ago. Well jump rope helps keep a specific rhythm and also needs you to jump a certain height as well. 77. level 2. LovelyDarkDeep__. 2 years ago. Yeah you need to maintain a certain height and speed - you can't slow down when you are tired, because if you do you will lose your rhythm. 5. level 1.

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Jump Rope vs Running for Cardio? : bodyweightfitness

Jumping rope is better cardio than running because it requires more muscle recruitment from your upper body and core. According to the jump rope institute (so they are probably biased) 10 minutes jumping is equivalent to 30 min running. 3. 562.

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While jump rope not only requires necessary stamina but excellent hand eye coordination. Max speed double-unders can match sprinting intensity because amount of speed, agility, coordiantion required. 37 comments

Should I get the Rogue Fitness Echo Bike or a simple jump rope?

It’s a steal. level 1. salt_n_vinegar_wings. 1 point · 10 months ago. If $800 is within your budget, you probably could get alot more various types of equipment. I would start with smaller items like the rope plus some things like a KB, dumbells, abmat. Personally I would get a rower over a bike. level 1.

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level 1. ThePurpleAlien. · 7y. Both running and jumping rope are vastly superior activities for losing weight than thinking about whether to run or jump rope. 119. level 1. vhalros. · 7y. Neither one is going to be particularly more effective than the other for weight loss ( which is going to be 80% about diet any way).

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Jump rope is my favorite. When its nice out, I still like going on occasional runs, but treadmills are the worst. The best cardio is one that you will actually do and jump rope definitely stays fun. There are also many ways to make it harder - like weighted jump ropes, and all the variations/tricks.

Treadmill vs Cycling for cardio? : amateur_boxing

Running>cycling for boxing. Now I actually found that I got in my best shape during the winter when I would run on the treadmill. I developed a whole system for treadmill running and teaching myself how to breathe and it's the best cardio shape I've been in. Theres pros and cons to running on a treadmill vs outside.